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Comments on Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale


A special thanks to Jean Rodenbough, one of Greensboro’s finish writers.  Please view her superbly written 5-star review of Naomi Wise: A Cautionary Tale on Amazon.Com.

Read Jeri Rowe's review from October 27, edition of the Greensboro News & Record:

From my neighbor Bill Summerlin who purchased the very first book.

 I think this is what’s called a page turner.  There was just one twist after the other and each chapter kept revealing answers to earlier mysteries….All the research you did was clearly evident in the descriptions of the hoodoo, the clothing, the food, the language, the Quaker traditions, history, etc. 

Reading this book has been both an entertaining and an educational experience.  Thank you so much for writing it.

From Sharin Francis

It’s amazing how I can hear your voice through the words of Mary Ruth [the narrator].  It’s as though you’ve taken this sorrowful tale to heart.  The details of life in those days are interesting and the tale is a compelling one.  Thanks for capturing in print a local story, though the theme itself has a far wider meaning. 

From Elida Vinesett

Your book about Naomi Wise had such vivid descriptions of the characters and the locations, I could imagine being there.  The pace kept me involved like a good murder mystery.  The inclusion of  three strong women with different backgrounds, each striving to get what they wanted, should appeal to all women.


The grandest reward for the years spent researching and writing comes when a writer’s work is not only read but appreciated.  The positive reception of my novel makes me so glad that I never gave up believing my words were worthy.  Many took the time to send emails filled with praise.  On this page are a few comments.  Later I will include more.


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