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Inspired by Greensboro's Bicentennial, this memoir explores the author's sixty-year romance with her favorite city. The dazzling lights of downtown and the roar of the train enchanted her as a child. Later, she and husband Joe moved to Greensboro to work, play and rear their two sons.

Join her as she struggles to do what's right for her husband, her kids, her dying parents, and herself. Rejoice with her as the city, with its many public libraries, museums, colleges, and universities, becomes her teacher. Laugh with her as she delights in the unique shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Share with her the serenity derived from hiking in local parks and greenways. Most enticing of all, in these pages, meet the extraordinary people who enriched her life. If, like the author, you love Greensboro, her dance will become your own.

"Sandra Redding invites you to join her as she remembers her years of high-stepping through Greensboro. Her book has the universal appeal of a folk dance and is told with the grace of a waltz. Anyone with a connection to Greensboro will enjoy the story of this partnership—one city and one writer, both with happy feet!"

                                          ---Anne Barnhill



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