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Words, words, words . . . chisel them; hammer them; stack them. Kaleidoscopic in color or Quaker gray THEY become forms to touch, taste, bite into, LOVE. – Anonymous

Though I loved words, I couldn’t read. “You’ll learn soon as you start school,” Mother promised. I didn’t. “You’ll learn when you get the hang of sounding out words,” my teacher assured me. I didn’t. Instead I spent hours simply staring at pictures of Dick and Jane in my primer. One day, just before my first school year ended, my lethargic brain finally woke up. Miraculously, I understood every word on every page. Later I learned to string them together creating stories.

Books became treasures. During high school I fell in love with Thomas Wolf and Walt Whitman, both dead writers. I read and reread every word they wrote. I also read Grace Metalious’ Peyton Place as well as other banned books. During the best of times and the worst of times, I have relied on books to inspire, amuse and teach me.

I married my husband because I loved him. I write books because I love them. Writing can be thrilling as hell or just hell. My passion is to write in a way that touches others.



Sandra Redding would be delighted to speak to your club or organization about her novel, her memoir, writing and publishing, or the history of Randolph and Guilford Counties.If interested, contact her by email or phone (336) 282-9088.



Sandra autographing books.

“Sandra Redding has dedicated her life to writing and helping other writers along the path. She is a beloved teacher who has inspired and mentored many over the years, including this one. Her writing is often humorous, always wise and filled with surprises. She has re-searched Naomi Wise for many years, so I’m pleased the project has come to fruition. Readers will enjoy this historical novel set in North Carolina.”

Anne Clinard Barnhill, author of At the Mercy of the Queen, St. Martin’s Press


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